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Welcome to the Precast Flooring Federation

Innovative commitment to serving the concrete industry
After 60 years of flooring development, manufacture and production, Milbank Floors now boasts a new factory at Brandon, Norfolk.
From: Concrete, June 2007.
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PRECAST - the future of home buildings
Phil Harris, Chairman of the Precast Flooring Federation's Marketing Committee, looks at how the precast flooring industry is providing solutions for today's and tomorrow's construction challenges.
From: Housing Association, June 2007.
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Carbon Neutral Precast Flooring
George Pickard of the Precast Flooring Federation’s marketing committee puts the case for thermally insulated precast concrete floors
From: Housing Association, June 2007
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Offsite solutions factory gears up
After 60 years of flooring development, manufacture and production, Milbank Floors now boasts a new state-of-the-art factory at Brandon, Norfolk.
From The Structural Engineer, December 2006
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Successful beam-and-block robust detail solutions to Part E
When beam-and-block manufacturers were developing their new floors it was far from clear what was required and indeed whether RDs were going to be the way forward.
From Specifcation, October 2006
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How buildability factors shaped the Idea Store
THE IDEA STORE...comprises 3,000 sqm of bespoke precast concrete flooring units and 18 concrete staircases from precasters, Hanson Building Products.
From Building for Leisure, October 2006
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Candidate beam and block comes good
When Part E of the Building Regulations setting tighter limits on sound transmission - was being updated in 2001, some questioned whether beam-and-block flooring could be improved in a cost-effective way to meet the new standards.
From HA Housing Association, October 2006
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Concrete floors - strong under fire
Whether they are constructed from reinforced hollowcore, prestressed beam-and-block, or prestressed hollowcore, concrete floors have one attribute in common: they are fire resistant.
From Concrete, September 2006
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Floors without flaws
How precast flooring plays an important role in building on brownfield sites and how it can also play a holistic role to meet regulations in insulation.
From Builder and Engineer, August 2006
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Will your buildings comply with Part L April 2006?
To conserve fuel and power and minimise heat loss, Part L of the Building Regulations sets out standards for the thermal efficiency in dwellings...
From Building Engineer February 2006
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Floors & Floorcoverings | FEATURE
The insulation U-value of 0.25W/m2K for floors, as specified in the Building Regulations, is easily achieved. At the same time, there is the flexibility of a 'trade off' between the various insulation elements within the building...
From ABC&D Architect Builder Contractor & Developer January 2006
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