About Us

The Precast Flooring Federation is a specialist product association of MPA British Precast. Our principal objectives are to promote the structural and commercial benefits of precast concrete flooring systems and their proven performance.

The Precast Flooring Federation (PFF) promotes flooring products across all building sectors, focusing on key benefits such as precast flooring’s excellent performance characteristics in terms of acoustics, fire, thermal mass and robustness, as well as speed of construction. In addition, PFF members provide health and safety, quality and sustainability benefits to their clients.

Our Members’ products are manufactured under factory controlled conditions to a high standard, giving Architects, Structural Engineers and Building Contractors the assurance of an engineered floor to meet specific design criteria.

Our Committees

  • PFF has three committees, namely:  Health and Safety, Technical and Marketing.

Health and Safety

  • Members commit to comply with the Codes of Practice for both safe stressing and the safe installation of precast concrete flooring and associated components. This commitment provides a positive differentiator for PFF members working in a marketplace that increasingly recognises the importance of health and safety.
  • In 2017 the PFF will complete its update of the Code of Practice for safe installation, which will have a HSE logo and a HSE foreword. It will also publish a pocket-sized guidance document for site supervisors which will based on the revised PFF Code of Practice.


  • Technical work underpins much of the marketing activity but also addresses issues in product standards; building regulations; queries from designers, contractors, clients and building control; and guidance for designers.


  • The two specific areas for marketing activity are upper floors in housing and flooring on steel framed structures.

Our Associate Members