150mm Hollowcore Floors

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The declared product is 150 mm deep precast concrete prestressed hollow core flooring slab. Hollow core slabs are designed for a typical span of 6 metres. The declared unit can be used with or without a structural concrete topping. One hundred and fifty (150) mm deep hollow core slabs are used in a wide range of applications, most often as suspended or upper floors in typical housing and multi-storey residential/ office buildings. Hollow core slabs may also be used for buildings roofs.

This is an association declaration which uses average data from member companies of the Precast Flooring Federation (PFF). It is based on data collected from a period of 12 months (From January to December 2014). All data was collected from UK factories.


Interrogation of the LCA results show that the cradle to grave GWP impact of a 1m2 of 150mm hollowcore flooring is 49.7 kgCO2e (Modules A1-C4). Further analysis of the GWP figures show that the largest contributors to this value are cement (84%), transport (12%) and utilities used in production of the flooring (9%).

For GWP, A1-A3 accounts for 91% of the lifecycle impact with carbonation in the use phase and post-demolition, reducing the overall impact of precast concrete flooring by 9%.

The full results across all LCA indicators can be found within the EPD document.